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POWER selects the world's classic clocks to meet the needs of home

POWER clock development ideas

POWER focuses on the clock for 30 years,

With a senior operating team, professional management and technical staff,

Give perfect solutions on business, home, and high-end clocks.

Traditional manufacturing is along

Manufacturing-distributor-consumer ideas for manufacturing,

power clock emphasizes

Modern manufacturing is defined by consumer-design/development-manufacturing.

Taking the real needs of consumers as the starting point and end point of production,

Reduce middlemen and directly face consumers.

POWER clock style

Power in product development,
I am used to adhering to the idea of “beyond the classics and leading the fashion”.
Product appearance and functional design
It is based on the atmosphere, practical, and long-lasting.
Therefore, there is no one-time trend here, only the eternal classic.
Each piece of time is time-hardened.
In the eyes, the atmosphere, stability, and yet smart.

Our characteristics and advantages

In the direction of the home clock, a dedicated team of designers,

Select the best clock design from a rigorous aesthetic perspective,

Combining leading production processes, the strength of its own mold factory,

The first time to develop leading market clock products.


【Nordic style】

POWER captures the essence of Nordic simplicity, nature, and nature
With modern lines, comfortable matching, superior materials
Restore the Nordic faction
More understand the style of the clock

【Solid wood style】

POWER  in the name of wood

Create 100% solid wood clock

Natural texture, mellow tones

Naturally popular

Woody day

【Children's style】

Patented beveled design, clock designed for children

Bawang focuses on products and focuses on product experience

Not only strictly control the material, but also the child’s eyesight habits

a child-friendly clock

【Modern style】

POWER leads the new Chinese style, tempering the tradition into a classic

Blending modern craftsmanship

Mining traditional rhymes

a more traditional aesthetic clock

【Dynamic style】

On the dynamic music clock

POWER is the king of technology

This highly dynamic and ornamental category is a master of clock technology.

Music, movement, dream

More fantastic clock

【Alarm clock】

Small body, more refined

POWER insists on the clock full product line strategy

Every clock is smart and smart

POWER clock family, each one is a boutique

More cute clock


POWER business clock

Preferred space brand in public space

For business space, you need a more practical and durable clock.
The business space clock should satisfy:
Larger opening, easier to read time symbols, time markers, pointers, and more useful features.

And all these overlord clocks can satisfy you.
In companies, schools, hospitals, service halls, fitness facilities...
You can find the POWER clock, and the leading market share is visible.
Why are so many public places choosing the POWER Clock?
Quality, quality, or quality.

POWER's business clock with a durable secret

The clock used by POWER uses a self-developed quartz scanning movement.
The movement meets EU environmental standards.
The accuracy of travel time has reached the national superior product standard.
The movement has a large torque, low consumption, and the consumption current is less than 160μA.
Energy saving, it is the ideal business clock movement.

POWER business clock will be the most practical

In order to meet the demand for clocks in public business places,
POWER developed a clock with an LCD display.
Display temperature, humidity, day of the week, calendar, lunar calendar and other information on the clock face.
Achieve a multi-purpose machine.
POWER promises that all perpetual calendars are high-definition, clearly seen, and used for a long time.

A variety of options to meet a variety of business spaces

POWER business clock case is mainly made of ABS or HIPS environmentally friendly plastic material.
Wooden and metal bells are also available for a variety of occasions.
The clock face is available in regular sizes and is available in extra large sizes.
The shape has a circular shape, an elliptical shape, a rectangular shape, and an irregular shape.
Quartz movement, intelligent movement, electric wave movement.
Support customer ordering,
We have provided commemorative clock order services for many enterprises.

High torque movement for greater clocking needs

POWER launched a large torque quartz clock and movement to drive a clock with a maximum diameter of 1.45 meters.
This product can be used in large ballrooms, outdoor clocks, and equipped with smart technology.
It can solve the problem of outdoor clock time proofing very well.
The future can be widely used in public places such as schools, government, business offices, etc.
This product is battery-powered, practical and convenient, and can replace radio wave clock products.


Clock order / group purchase
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