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The mute sweeping quartz clock movement independently developed by POWER Group has firmly mastered the core technology.
After so many years of market testing, its stability and reliability have been well-known at home and abroad.
And leading the international level in key technical indicators such as torque, consumption and  time accuracy.

POWER Boutique accessories workshop

The POWER Clock Precision Workshop is located in the  production base of the POWER Group in Shenzhen.
Integrating the quality resources of the Shanghai Clock Manufacturing Base,
Bringing together domestic excellent craftsmen and leading equipment,
It is the perfect combination of modern technology (precision manufacturing) and craftsmanship (art aesthetics).
It is also one of the few comprehensive clock manufacturing workshops in China.
The clock face, hammer shell, pendulum, clock face, corner flower, block,
And quartz clock accessories, including LCD display, swing, oscillating,
Music board, music box, etc.

1. The clock face prints the cloisonne flower core; 2. The 143 pendulum punches the golden flower disk; 
3. The 143x5 pendulum die-cast bronze flower disk; 4. The 280 stamped and formed panel semi-circular head;
5. Turning flowers; 6. Flat flower; 7. Qinhua pendulum titanium etching flower pendulum; 
8. Qinhua pendulum color printing oil painting golden pendulum

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