Smart Clock

POWER Group Development

Digital, pointer smart clock

Smart clock movement + product

POWER for many years of research and development

Finally realized the intelligentization of the clock product

Leading the industry to develop a new trend

Epoch-making products

Smart clock just needs to connect to WIFI

Obtained from the server via WIFI

Time/date/time zone/DST status/city/temperature and humidity/weather forecast data

The biggest advantage of the smart clock is not only to solve the signal problem,

More personalized functions that are incomparable with radio clocks and ordinary clocks

-Alarm clock function-

The alarms of ordinary clocks and radio clocks are
As the hard and soft development is completed and solidified in the integrated circuit, it cannot be changed.
The alarm of the smart clock can be set freely through the APP.
Can have a single group or multiple groups.
The sound of the alarm can be used to transfer any music you want to listen to through the app.
It can even be used as an audio.

-Hourly timekeeping function-

At present, the hourly timing of watches and clocks is nothing more than the two methods of program control and light control.
Both are limited by the circuit program.
The time of the smart clock can be set by the APP according to your needs.
The sound of the timekeeping can also be downloaded and updated via the APP.
Others such as snooze, countdown, etc. can be fully played on the smart clock.

-Implement features not found in traditional clock products-

Synchronous weather, music, smart clocks can also be easily handled

The vast space of smart watches is just beginning
More possibilities and wonderful possibilities
Overlord builds a smart clock major league
Let more aspiring companies join the future smart clock market
From Chinese manufacturing to Chinese creation to Chinese intellectual creation
This is the road to future clock transformation and upgrading.


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