Floor clock & Metal

Floor clock, a time-to-space dialogue

Ancient, deep, quiet and vivid communication Craftsman

One thing and one heart

The birth of mechanical clocks in Europe in the 14th century
Ancient East, there is a musical etiquette
Fill the time
Baroque grandeur, free and unrestrained
Rococo's poetry and elegance


High-end floor clock

Solid wood case

POWER’s floor clocks are made of precious redwoods, mostly red sandalwood and huanghuali.

Built-in German Hemler high-end mechanical movement

Create a cost-effective high-end clock template

Classic and elegant

Calm and calm atmosphere

Town house treasure

Classic replica clock

POWER self-built Yantai solid wood clock base

Meet all kinds of replica clocks

Reissue clock represented by Su Zhong

Let the ancient clock skills inherit


Nanjing Zhongqi was named after it originated in Nanjing.

Later, Nanjing Zhong was manufactured in Jiangsu, and people called it "Su Zhong."

Su Zhong is a must-have luxury for the official celebrities in the late Qing Dynasty and the early Republic of China.

It is a popular collection in today's collections.

High-end metal clock

POWER's high-end metal clock is made of brass

Built-in international big mechanical clock movement

Let the high-end clock enter the ordinary people's home



Brass is one of the classic representatives of nostalgic aesthetics

In the moment of smashing "retro style"

It has also become a new "net red" in the home industry.

It can be combined with any home style

Each brass table clock comes with a sense of quality


A familiar warm vintage taste

It is generally in harmony with the colors and materials of the popular furniture.

Every brass table clock is the best time gift



Clock order / group purchase
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National service hotline

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